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12 Reasons why I love Close To My Heart!



I’ve created an amazing career with Close To My Heart!  It didn’t start out this way, as I had no intention of making this a profitable business, just ask my husband.  I merely signed up to get a discount on their beautiful products.

I can’t see paying full price for ANYTING (can you?), and after I placed my first order with Close To My Heart, and my entire order wouldn’t fit onto a single order form, I realized I should explore becoming a consultant.  It just was more logical to sign up and give myself the discount than someone else.  Plus, the consultant kit was jammed pack with tons of new product at a huge discount!  12 years later, 10 incentive trips earned there are SO many more reasons to join Close To My Heart and our Keeping Memories Alive team!

  • Discount: The #1 reason why anyone should join Close To My Heart. You start out with 22% on ALL commissionable products sold.  So, when you place an order for $100.00 you keep $22.00 of it (excluding shipping and tax).  That means you only pay $78.00 (plus shipping and tax) to Close To My Heart.  Plus, if that wasn’t an incentive enough, each month you have the opportunity to get a higher % off and earn additional FREE product (Select Product Credit), based on your monthly sales.  I don’t know of any other crafting direct sales company that offers this!
  • Products: The products are what attracted me to this amazing company and they still are still a very important reason why I have stayed all these years. Close To My Heart is a leader in the crafting industry.  They are always up-to-date on the latest trends.  Plus, with an Annual Inspirations Idea Book and TWO Seasonal Expressions Books there is always new and fresh products to choose from.Catalogs
  • Innovation: Close To My Heart is an innovative leader in this industry!  From Jeannette Lynton’s How To Books, true 12X12 Albums, My Acrylix Stamps, and our exclusive Cricut Cartridges, Close To My Heart is always leading the industry with innovation and sparking creativity worldwide!  Click here to learn more about this innovation


  • Training: Close To My Heart has a full time education department dedicated to providing all consultants with the most up-to-date training and information on new products, selling techniques and so much more! Close To My Heart also has a YouTube Channel that releases videos to show us how to use their products.  We are then able to share these videos on our own social media sites/blogs to help our teams and customers.  You can’t help but be successful at this company.
  • Community: At Close To My Heart you’ll find a community of women and men who share their artwork, business ideas, and tips to help you succeed. No matter what your goal is there are others here, just like you, that want to help you.  You are welcome here.
  • FREE Resources! Yes, you read correct!  Who doesn’t like things for FREE?!!
    1. FREE ONLINE SHOPPING WEBSITE (Online Business Address or OBA): Every Close To My Heart Consultant gets a personal website to send their customers to for purchasing Close To My Heart exclusive products, explore the most current Idea Books, view monthly specials/promotions, watch videos, learn about products, and even join your team. Close To My Heart does all the work for us, so we don’t have to, and we reap the benefits and commissions.  How cool is that?!
    2. FREE MONTHLY NEWSLETTER: Close To My Heart sends out a monthly newletter that your customers can choose to “opt” into, through your OBA.  It highlights what’s happening at Close To My Heart, that month, and allows them to click directly onto links that send them right to your OBA.  Love this!
    3. FREE CREDIT CARD PROCESSING: We are not charged a credit card processing fee when a customer uses their credit card on our OBA or at a party. This is a HUGE PLUS!

Can you believe all of the resources you get for FREE?  This allows you to focus on what you do best.

  • Travel: Do you like to travel?  What if you could go on trips that someone else pays for?  Do I have your attention?  Each year Close To My Heart offers an incentive trip with air fare and accommodations for two.  I’m thrilled to share with you that I was just recognized for earning 10 trips with Close To My Heart.  I’ve taken my husband and four kids on some pretty amazing trips.  We’ve been to Alaska, Hawaii, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica!  It’s hard work, but very rewarding because you are growing your business and team while earning a FREE trip!  Plus, I’m here every step of the way to help you meet and reach your goals.


  • Convention: This is one such an amazing annual events that Close To My Heart puts on! Think of the most amazing theatrical show, rolled up with an Ellen type give away show, with the most amazingly talented group of Close To My Heart Consultants and you’ll have just a peak at what this four day extravaganza is all about.   You really have to be there to experience it.


  • $99 Kit Fee. It’s only $99.00 (plus shipping and tax) to start your own home based business.  That’s a deal!  You’ll receive everything you need to successfully host your first event and start earning income.  Plus, go back to point #6 and you’ll see the added benefits you’ll receive.  Most companies charge you for all these extras.  Not Close To My Heart!  But wait, there’s more!  If you sell $1200.00 within your first three months of being a consultant you’ll EARN BACK YOUR KIT FEE!!!    So essentially, it’s FREE to sign up.
  • Flexibility: I am a stay-at-home mom and may have joined Close To My Heart for the discount, initially, but have stayed because I’ve been able to work this business around my busy family.  I choose my own hours and work when I want to work.  That makes everyone happy in my home! You decide what and how you want to work this.  You may decide to conduct workshops, crops, weekend retreats, and or solely work your business online.
  • Monthly Specials: Every month, Close To My Heart has a special called Constant Campaign. These campaigns are designed to help increase sales, reward hostesses and build your team.  Plus, every month Close To My Heart features an exclusive My Acrylix Stamp Set that you and your customers can purchase a deep discount called Stamp of the Month.  It rewards you and your customer for their purchases!
  • Workshop and Gathering On the Go Program: Close To My Heart provides us with projects that are already designed by their art department for us to use to build our business.  No more having to create our own projects for gathering or workshops!  All you have to do is create and example and share it with your customers.  This allows you to spend more time focusing on building relationships with your customer and less time creating.

BONUS:  Keeping Memories Alive Team!  As a member of this team,  you will be a part of an amazing community that is made up of consultants all across the country that share the same passion as you do for paper crafting, scrapbooking and card making.  We help each other by sharing artwork and ideas through an active, exclusive Facebook Group.  Plus, I offer an annual weekend retreat, quarterly team meetings, and training which allow you to be the best consultant you can be. 



If any of these reasons connects with you, contact me today and give Close To My Heart a try!  No strings attached!   You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.  I can’t wait to share your journey with Close To My Heart.

You may reach me at 313-706-4891 (cell/text) or hollyveselenak@gmail.com  Can’t wait to speak with you!

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