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Cricut Artbooking Cartridge Videos

This is a series of many video tutorials that Close To My Heart has put together to teach you how to use your Close To My Heart Cricut Artbooking Cartridge. Please let me know if you have any questions. The possibilities are ENDLESS!!

Video 1: Getting Started with Cricut Artbooking

Video 2: A+ School Layouts

Video 3: Summer Mini Albums

Video 4: Spooky Halloween Layouts

Video 5: Halloween Mini Albums

Video 6: Designed Decor Flip Sand Album

Video 7: Fall into Artbooking

Video 8: Everyday Layouts

Video 9: Festive Mini Albums

Video 10: Freedom Layouts

Video 11: Cross-Cartridge Collaboration

Video 12: Christmas Layouts

Video 13: Friendship Layouts

Video 14: Wintertime Layouts

Video 15: Elegant Mini Albums

Video 16: Celebration Layouts

Video 17: Inspiration Mini Albums

Video 18: Love is in the Air

Video 19: Love, Love, Love

Video 20: Crush on Artbooking

Video 21: Sugar & Spice

Video 22: Sweet Smiles

Video 23: Nursery Rhymes

Video 24: Top Secret

Video 25: Happy Springtime

Video 26: Fab Frames

Video 27: Trailblazing Travel Albums

Video 28: All Star Scrapbooking

Video 29: Artbooking My Life

Video 30: Capturing Snapshots

Video 31: Togetherness

Video 32: Fun in the Sun (final episode)